Between two colors

Ok, Let’s talk about gray. I always looked at the color gray as being in between black and white. Life is not black and white. Neither is the middle. We often swing between opposites. I was once painting my bathroom for my daycare kids to use and I chose canary yellow and purple. I must have missed the art assignment way back in history when I was in school. I never knew that equal portions of opposite colors create gray. Gray isn’t really a color. Gray is the neutralizing of color. Black and white, yellow and purple, green and red, orange and blue. In equal portions mixed together ends up gray.

hmm, equal portions of vibrant opposing color neutralize each other to create the nothingness of gray.

Some people live in the middle. Instead of moving with the natural rhythm of life that brings them from one passion to another, they stop moving. living. And life becomes gray.  I know people like this, actually, I’m related to a few who live in the middle of life and death. The depression that robs them of life yet they’re not dead so they wander in the grayness. Emotionless landscapes where God can and does shine the vivid color of hope. Like the yellow lifesaver tossed out to sea, those of us who live in the colors of life, hold on to that lifeline and pray for those lost in the gray ocean.

via Daily Prompt: Gray

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