Kung Fu too?

So I was watching the pilot movie to the TV show Kung Fu yesterday and it was just as I remembered. Caine talked too slow. But aside from that annoyance was the story. I was reminded of what it means to be a student under a master. Master Kan told young Caine that in the monastery are three classes. Students, Disciples, and Masters.

For those of you who are too young to know the story, it starts with Kwai Chang Caine, later known as Grasshopper, outside of the temple hoping to be chosen. One thing made him stand out. He did not waiver in his desperate need. When finally invited in with other hopefuls he was the only one to show honor to the master which gave him the favor to be chosen. His training was not easy, nor quick. It involved humility and submission.

This is much like being an apprentice. I once knew an Apprentice electrician who was working toward his Journeyman Certificate. By now, he is a Master. With all the outsourcing America is facing, we need the apprentice today. We need young people willing to become skilled Journeymen, we need Masters. You can’t outsource an electrician or a plumber, a mason, or a mechanic to name a few guilds. No matter where a master goes, there is always a need. After all, we all have houses, toilets, cars, and light bulbs, right?

In the story, Kwai Chang Caine had a desperate need. He was an orphan with no skills and too young to be hired. His resume was pretty dismal. His only hope was in Master Kan who wanted a disciple who was willing to start as a student and be taught.

So many times in my life I was in desperate need, and my only hope was in the Master. Jesus. However, it was only when I was willing to become a disciple and became teachable, that I found my situation changed. I changed. I moved from student to disciple to become like The Master.  As a Master in training, no matter where I go, there is a desperate need. People need hope. People need a lifeline. They need to hear they can be changed. I happen to know that my Master never turns anyone away.

In my blog, I talk about zombies because, well, it’s fun.  In my book Calling all Zombies, the zombie can’t find life, until it can recognize it’s desperate need for a life-giving savior. A hope-giving savior.

It all starts with a need, a student, and the master. That sounds like the making of a great story to me.



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3 thoughts on “Kung Fu too?

  1. An interesting subject to use to teach your sons about God. I like that you are trying to do this using something they are into rather than ‘pushing’ the Lord down their throats. I wish you well in your endeavour and may the Lord bless your heart for teaching them, giving you the right words at the right times along the way. X


    1. Thank you. They have been a great encouragement to me while writing my book. In my story, those who are dead in sin and cut off from God are shown as zombies in the spiritual realm. As a former zombie who is now alive in Christ, I am glad they are listening to truth even if it sounds weird to some people.

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