Looking for Life

Anyone on the other side of a 911 call knows what it is like to listen with all your might to that life line. The voice on the other end is suddenly the most precious voice of all.  When life and death hang in the balance, people tend to pay attention.  It’s the little things that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to tipping the scale to life. The color PINK is one of them.

While learning to do CPR my instructor would call out various scenarios and each one taught us to look for signs of life. Pink.  He would say thing like “You’ve been doing compressions for 5 cycles, you check the inside lip and it is blue, what do you do?” Keep doing CPR.  Each time the scenario would have us look at the lower inside lip for one color. Pink. It is the color of life.

No one ever says “Ah, they have a nice healthy shade of blue” when it comes to skin, fingernails or lips. That is, unless you are a zombie.

In my book Calling all Zombies, it is very clear who is a zombie. Their soul is dead. In the spiritual realm of Antara where angels and demons fight over the souls of man, those who are not born again, are dead to God. They look like zombies, with ash grey skin and rotting oozing wounds.

In the Bible, color is often used to describe the condition of a person’s relationship with God. God gives us hope when he says “though your sins be as scarlet, they shall become white as snow.” He also said, “the soul that sins shall die.”

As anyone who works with paint knows, lots of white added to scarlet will result in pink. Yet it only takes a drop of scarlet to taint pure white. When it comes to the soul, pink is not good. Pink is a compromise with death. God doesn’t “white wash” sin. He doesn’t gloss over or hide it. He doesn’t settle for almost righteous, or almost holy, or almost alive. There is no yin yang with God. The human soul is 100% alive or 100% dead. Not somewhere in the middle. Sin cut the human soul from God, the source of life.  That left humanity with a living body and a dead soul. A real zombie epidemic.

Sadly most humans don’t know they are dead. The Bible is like that 911 operator teaching us what the signs of life are and what spiritual death really means. Many people don’t listen to the voice on the life line of the soul, calling them to life.  Many don’t know that it really is a matter of eternal life and eternal death. God is the God of the living. There are no zombies in heaven.

The good news really is the good news.

God loves the zombie!

Our soul can be made alive to God though faith in Jesus.  I know there is life in Christ because I was once a zombie and now, I truly am born again.



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