Turn down the volume

“Jarren, turn off your game, and get ready for Church.” I said in passing as I was putting my shoes on.

“I don’t want to go.” I hear him holler from his room.

“Why? I thought you liked youth group.”

“It’s boring. I don’t hear anything from God, and I don’t even think He is talking to me.”

I went into his room and sat at his desk and prayed that God would give me the right answer.

“Honey, the Bible tells us that one day the prophet Elijah was in a time of doubt and God told him to go up to this cave in the mountain. The Lord passed by and a tornado wind tore up the mountain and broke rocks. How exciting and frightening that would be, but God was not in the wind. After the wind a strong earth quake shook Elijah in awe, but God was not in the earthquake. Next was fire all around, like a great fireworks show, but God was not in the fire. Elijah must have been blown away by all those exciting and frightening things. He may have wondered what was next, but in the silence, as the dust and ash settled down he  heard a whisper. He went to the entrance of the cave and heard God whisper, “Elijah, what are you doing here?””

I could see that Jarren was really listening to me so I went on.

“Honey, God will not outshout your world. He won’t outshout your xbox, or put on a show to outdo the special effects of your video games. He won’t outshout your iPod or your social media. You need to turn down the volume of your world. When you do, you will hear his whisper.”

Many times when I get so caught up in the rat race, and find myself neglecting to seek the Lord, I end up like Elijah, doubting my own walk with God. When I finally turn down the volume in my own world, I hear God gently ask me. “Natalie, what are you doing here?”

Here. In this place, this cave of doubt, shame, fear, blame, is not where God wants me to be. But so often I get distracted by the larger than life entertainment of this world and turn up the volume to where I can no longer hear him whispering to my soul.

I have turned down the noise of my world and am thrilled to hear Him whisper.




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3 thoughts on “Turn down the volume

  1. I absolutely love this post…what a true thought! We need to tune out or “turn down the volume” to truly hear God. We need to create that room in our daily lives to hear Him speak and commune with Him. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

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