The athletic hero

I watch the news this morning from Las Vegas and like millions around the world I prayed. Many people only pray during times of disaster. We pray in the face of evil. It seems more and more that evil is outpacing good. It’s easy to think that evil people will prevail. It is often easy to think that only the athletic can run a race, but fear can propel us and compel us all to run.

The word for today is athletic.

I saw thousands run away hoping to outrun the gunman. Many people fell today, but thousands did not. Thousands made it to safety and it did not matter who was athletic or who was not, who was physically fit or those who needed assistance to run. Everyone ran.

The truly athletic are those who ran against the tide. Men and women in uniform, along with women in dresses, men in cowboy boots, mothers, and fathers, brothers, and sisters, picked up the wounded and helped the stranger. In the time of need, they stepped up to the plate and became the hero.

They ran into danger to help those who could not see a way to escape.

They were not all physically fit like the athletic movie star hero, but they were athletic in a different way. They exercised their courage in the face of terror.  They exercised their compassion regardless of race, or political beliefs.

We are a nation of heroes. Athletes who proved that when the going gets tough, the athletic in heart and spirit prevail and win the day.

I pray that God will stir our hearts to be a nation of heroes, athletic in any way that is needed when faced with evil.

‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ saith the Lord of hosts.



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