“If Earth were a golf ball”

I watched How great is our God with Louie Giglio. I cried.

Afterward, I couldn’t pray for a few days. I was lost with how minuscule we are compared to the whole of creation. As I saw the Earth fall away in the comparison chart of the planets I felt myself shrinking in my mind. When I saw the Big Dog star, I felt so microscopic, invisible with a voice so tiny that it is lost.

I felt like Horton Hears a who, and we had a voice so small it couldn’t be heard.

How can God hear me? In this wondrous Universe, where am I?

Louie would often say “if Earth were a golf ball” as he tried to show how massive the stars are in comparison. He held up a golf ball and would say, “now find yourself on the golf ball.”

I felt insignificant.

Micro. Invisible to the naked eye.

But God reminded me that He too became small.  The God who cannot be contained, who spoke the stars into existence became microscopic.

Jesus came to our little golf ball to find me. To find you. To save us. To love us.

If you feel small, lost in a crowd, one out of billions and insignificant, remember that our Massive, Indescribable Holy God became small enough to hold you in his arms.




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