Living on the fence: a rapid life

I remember years ago the Lord showing me how rapid my love for him had cooled and I was on the fence. I had one foot in his kingdom and one foot in the world. Jesus won’t settle for half of me. He wants more than someone warming a pew in church. Many people grow up in church and know all the right words. They are fluent in “Christianeese” and know all the songs to sing, but they are dead inside. They are self-deceived that they are saved not seeing that they are lukewarm. They are a zombie (half dead) but don’t know it. I was like that too but now I know I won’t die lukewarm.



Lukewarm death

My hands were clapping, my feet were tapping

while you were rapping

at my door.

I sang your praise and knew all the ways

to follow the craze, falling to the floor

Tick-tocking of the clock sounded like a knock

Who is the solid rock? Jesus …

He’s standing at my door … oh no.

Never hot or cold, no good or bad I’m told

this message is so old

I’ve heard it all before.

Someone show the way to last another day

no need to watch and pray.

Who’s knocking at my door?

falling falling fast, knew it wouldn’t last

my life is now the past

remembered nevermore

Tick-tocking of the clock I no longer hear that knock

Where is the solid rock? Jesus …

He’s no longer at my door … forevermore … oh No!


Life is too rapid and eternity too long for us to sit on the fence.

If the Lord Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart, open that door and ask him to come in. “Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, please forgive me and come into my heart with your spirit.”




































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