When a Super Hero Dies.

Sometimes, Super Hero’s are not in the spotlight. We can pass them on the street and not notice them in a crowd. We lost a superhero today. One who fueled dreams and inspired thousands to dare to put on the cape and fly. To fight injustice. To be more than society said they were. Kids who grew up to be firefighters, crime fighters, advocates and pioneers. It all started with a superhero that we dreamed of becoming. From science to science fiction. Nanotechnology to shooting for Mars and walking on the moon.

As children, we dreamed we were the superhero to rescue mankind and growing up we dreamed of breaking the barriers that hold us back.

We may not have an Iron Man, but we have many who were inspired to pursue invention like Tony Stark. We may not have Avengers, but we have men and women in uniform who stand and fight for our nation. We have heroes. Normal everyday people who become extraordinary people who put on a mask to make a child laugh in the hospital. Heroes who go out of their way to serve those in need. Who stand and face the fire so we may live.

We have created those who do the impossible because we have imagined the impossible.

The Avengers lost one of their own today.

Rest in Peace Stan Lee

Superheroes everywhere will miss you.


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