Long live the King

There is something urgent about the question “Did you hear the news?” I remember being the herald of some bad news on August 17, 1977. I was 14. I ran outside in the early morning in Anchorage and stopped the first adult I saw walking through the parking lot of our apartment.

“Hey, Mister. Did you hear the news?”

“What news?” He hollered back.

“The king is dead.” I said with relief to tell someone, anyone, the shocking news.

He stopped and looked up to the second floor balcony making eye contact. He didn’t ask “Who are you talking about?” He just knew.

“Elvis?” I could hear the emotion in his voice. Like he still couldn’t believe this report from a kid, and he just needed to make sure.

“Yeah, just now this morning.”

For a brief moment we were connected by something big, something that allows two strangers regardless of age, to share in the sorrow that gripped the world. The moment passed and I watched him run toward his destination and went back inside. My duty was done. I had spread the news.

Almost two thousand years ago some women burst through the door to ask twelve disciples lost in sorrow.

“Did you hear the news?” Without waiting for an answer, they declared “He’s Alive!”

We celebrate the risen savior. Every day is Easter. God’s not dead. He’s Alive. While earthly kings and cultural kings die and fade from memory, Our king is alive for evermore and will soon return.

“Did You hear the news? The good news? That God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him will have eternal life?”

The risen savior loves you.

Happy Resurrection Day. The king was dead, rose again, and is alive.

“Long live the King.”


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