Storming the gate

Okay, in case I didn’t say this, my sons are Walking Dead Heads. They love the show and keep me in the loop of who died, who cried, and who they wish would just get bit already. We like to tear the show apart and say what we would do in the event of a world changing zombie situation.  Like we even know right? When I think of today’s word Gate, I thought of this show and how they always have a problem with walkers storming the gate or the door and eventually breaking it down putting the whole situation in chaos. It’s so nice to sit around discussing this as if it will really happen. I mean, who knew we had such keen survival skills. But that is the whole point of the conversation —survival.

My friend is a prepper. Not a militant build-a-bunker prepper just the average civilian one. So she got me into storing water, (always a good idea) and having a few life straws (for when our water runs out, also a good idea.) and bug out bags. Not sure about those, since it’s unlikely I will hike out. I mean, I’d have to walk days just to leave civilization. Just tell me where the FEMA camp is. Anyway, my pantry is filled with enough food to tempt the local thugs when anarchy takes over and the one with the gun will try to take from those who prepared.  They will try to break in through my door so they can survive —to live. Now how does this rabbit trail come back to the word gate? I’m getting there.

In any walled city or home, the weakest place is the gate. The enemy will storm the gate with battering rams and whatever else they have on hand to break in.  But not Heaven. Those who are outside of heaven are dead like the zombies in Walking Dead. They won’t be able to storm the gate because heaven’s gate is not the “pearly gates” that Hollywood portrays in movies. Heaven’s gate is not a thing, but a who.

Jesus said, “I am the gate; if any enter in thru me they will be saved.”   No one can storm this gate. I often say that those who are dead in sin are like zombies. That is the point of this site. Zombie ministry, calling the dead to life. Those who are not born again, have a dead soul.  I was once a zombie, so I’m speaking from experience. My soul was dead to the living God and only thru Jesus did I find life.  The funny thing about God is that for me to enter thru the gate —Jesus, I had to open my gate and let him in. Weird how that works.

Jesus said that he stands at the door and knocks and if anyone opens the door to their heart he will enter in. The gate of Heaven came thru my gate to give me life. That is so awesome.

He knocks on the door.

He won’t storm your gate. He won’t ignore the Do-Not Resuscitate declaration of your will, break in and force you to live. The door knob is on the inside. We all have gates, even God. We also have a will and a choice to open our gate, or not. Just remember that there will be no storming the gate of heaven. No zombies are allowed through that gate, only ex-zombies like me.

Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”





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