Don’t remind me.

Ugh. Another daily prompt that is Glaring me in the face reminding me how many days have stacked up like 20 dishes in the sink. Twenty words I didn’t write about. I wish I could think of a Spicy story involving a Carousel that goes around as we Amble thru life. But, alas, I can’t think of one. Great stories sometimes seem elusive like illusions that Shimmer in the distance.  Many times I have to admit that I have let things slip and have taken a Casual attitude toward the daily prompt.  Who hasn’t? Don’t answer that.

Hmm, I could write about those who have loved and lost and now have no Partner to enjoy lifes wonderful Symphony — the songs that break thru the Foggy gray days and bring us joy. But, my brain is too busy trying to get rid of the evidence that is Glaring at me from the sink.   Some evidence is so stubborn that it can only be cleaned up with an old Toothbrush. That is why criminals get caught — their cleanup was Substandard. The things one can learn from CSI right?

I could try to write about Lust because, let’s face it, that word is like a Pest buzzing about the head bringing up all kinds of Shallow worn out plots. I know, Hidden desires put on paper bring Satisfaction to many readers, but that is just not my style. Perhaps I should ignore those twenty words in the sink, and enjoy a cup of Tea.  Now that I think about it, I do like Traditional stories with tried and true plot lines. They are like a familiar Fragrance that Harmonize with my world view, making me glad for a warm blanket and that cup of hot chocolate. Yes, a good story inspires me to wake up my Dormant soul.

Thank you, Daily Post. My dishes are done —those last 20 words are no longer glaring at me.



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