Eclipsing life

I sit here in Salem Oregon and it is almost time to join millions watching the sun get eclipsed by the moon. I’m in the path of totality. I was sitting in church yesterday and thought about the eclipse. There is an eclipse that happens daily in the lives of billions on Earth. It’s the eclipse of life. Letting little things hide our view of the Son. The son of God. It is so easy to hold up our sins and block out the light of His grace. We find ourselves in the dark totality of doubt and fear, yet stubbornly hold up the very lie that eclipses the light of truth.

The moon is such a small thing compared to the sun, yet in one hour, it will cast me in darkness. Such a small thing will hide the light. So many times in my life, I stumble in the dark of doubt and fear when I cling to lies that tell me God does not love me or will forgive me. Lies that say I have lost my salvation. Such lies hide the light of the Son. When I stop holding up the little lies I find myself in the light of God’s presence. His presence was always there, I just could not see it.

If you find yourself in the path of totality, of doubt and fear, ask yourself if you are holding up the little lies that eclipse the Son.

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