Daily Prompt: Priceless

Have you ever had something of value that you didn’t know was valuable until it was gone? It is odd that the value of some things grow exponentially when it is no longer in our grasp or within our reach. “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” is a common phrase.

Regret, loss, sorrow, anger are all part and parcel of the reality when something of value, now considered priceless, is stolen, dead, lost or tossed.

When something is lost it is usually by accident. I mean, really, we don’t intend to lose our wallet or our keys. We never go out of our way to lose a family heirloom or a wedding ring. We often go about our day and for some reason be it a distraction, carelessness, or negligence on our part, a priceless item is gone. The loss is profound yet there is no one to blame, but many do. We blame or are blamed for being stupid, or an idiot. but thankfully, there are those who can relate and give us comfort in our loss. It’s hard to lose something because it can take years to put that ghost to rest. It is harder if the priceless thing is tossed out as something of no value, only to realize later what we had in our hands.

How often I have found things of great value in Goodwill and I wonder how could someone toss this? I may never know if an item I donated or sold at a garage sale was of more value than I know. I have heard stories of someone having the winning lottery ticket but tossed it out with the trash only to find out later that they threw away millions. The self-condemnation, ridicule, and judgment are often more than they can bear. To throw something priceless away is to realize that no one else is to blame. It haunts someone and is a constant reminder and “if only” is like a knife that cuts the soul.

Priceless. An item so valued that no price can be put on it or them. Priceless items are coveted and thieves will try to steal them.

When something is stolen we must work through the anger, injustice, and feelings of violation that swamp us. Some people learn to forgive and move on. But others learn to mistrust and end up losing many things that are priceless. Besides the item stolen, they become hard and bitter so that they lose things such as joy, and relationships with family and friends, and the faith to trust in another human. For them, life seems to stop and they are forever telling and retelling their story.  Both victims faced similar feelings yet choose to move onward in different ways.

Sometimes death takes what is most priceless —a loved one. Walking through this loss involves the well-known steps of mourning; Denial, anger, blame, depression, and acceptance. But then comes the unspoken things like survivors guilt, self-condemnation, and remorse. “I should have . . . I wish I could . . . Why didn’t I . . .” Words that are branding irons on a broken heart. God promises to comfort those that mourn. He knows what it is to see the one who is most priceless, His son Jesus, die on the cross.  But God knew something that people at the time did not. Easter was coming. We who believe in Jesus and have lost a priceless loved one, do not mourn as those without hope. We have confidence that we will meet again in heaven.

Many of us may not have anything the world would say is priceless, yet it is priceless none the less to us. We all have something that is priceless to God. Our soul.

Society often judges people as having no value. Isaiah 54:6 says For the LORD has called you as a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit, and a wife of youth when you were cast off, saith thy God. I was once a wife of youth and my husband cast me away. For many, the world has thrown us away and judged us as having no value. Yet we have eternal value in the eyes of the Lord. We are precious and priceless to Him. We have a God who is willing to dumpster dive in the filth of this world to find a treasure that He declares is priceless. You and I.






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