When darkness flees.

Did you feel it? That miraculous moment. The infinitesimal pause when the whole Earth came to an end of tilting away from the sun. At 8:28 this morning the darkness began to recede like a cosmic tide. These last 6 months as the tide of shorter days crept upon us many terrible things happened in the world. Things that robbed many of hope as if the darkness of fear and doubt snuffed out the light. Fires, floods, and terror can overwhelm us like a tsunami as grief replaces hope. Today reminds us that there is an end of falling. There is an end to darkness if we allow the light of Jesus to give us hope. It is no coincidence that the church chose this season to celebrate the birth of Christ. The pagans celebrated the unconquered sun, and the church of that day showed them a better light and celebrated the Unconquered Son of God who is the true light of the world. No one knows for certain when Jesus was born, however, we do know for certain that the light of the world WAS born. Only He could stop the darkness on the cross once and for all so that we who believe could be born again. As the Earth now turns to the sun and days get brighter I hope it reminds you during your times of doubt and fear that there is a better light and He is Unconquered. That God would send us light into our darkness is truly miraculous.

Blessings on this winter solstice!






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