Offensive Strategy

It is hard to remember the war. I don’t see the blood sweat and tears from my comrades. My brothers in arms. I know they are wounded and weary. I am wounded and weary. Living on the battlefield should be a constant reminder that I am in a war. I still forget. I forget where the front line is. I forget who my enemy is. I forget that my enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy.

Many churches have stopped talking about spiritual warfare as if it is relegated to speculative Christian fiction. If we can’t see our enemy, Satan, does he cease to exist? Is he a cartoon character on my shoulder wearing red long johns holding a pitchfork? Jesus said that Satan is like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour.

I know I am in the war. I know it. but why do I often forget to fight? How often do I compromise and wave a little white flag so I can justify fraternizing with the enemy? To enjoy sin for a season?

Years ago the Lord spoke to my heart that I can’t go on the offense if I don’t get-off-the-fence. I need to have an offensive strategy to take the battle to my enemy and attack him in the name of Jesus instead of waiting for him to attack me with lies and temptations.

I need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Jesus told Saul on the way to Damascus in Acts 26:18 that he was being sent “to open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.”

This is a powerful reminder that we are at war. There is a battle for the souls of mankind.

We can’t turn people from the power of Satan unto God if we don’t even acknowledge that Satan has power. He blinds the lost from the light of the gospel so they don’t receive forgiveness of sins. His strategy is for those who are blind to the truth to die in their sin and be lost for eternity.

For those of us who know the truth and are alive in Christ, his strategy is to make us apathetic, to silence our testimony, to make us forget.

We forget that we are bought with a price.

We forget how much God loves us.

We forget that we are called to fight.

We forget we have authority in the name of Jesus to fight the good fight.

We forget our enemy is real.

We forget the war

We forget.



Blessings, Remember to wake up and smell the coffee.






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