First Love

First love

By  Natalie Lynn Hidalgo

I looked away, and let my gaze leave your face

Creating space

To move, to turn, to leave my first love.

I no longer see

The reflection of me in your eyes.

Turning I see lies

Reflected in the looking glass,

The worlds measure of my worth…against your truth.

Mirror me, mirror me…lets me see…my second love, is me.

A god that has my face, has no grace.

I took my eyes off you…Jesus, and looked away.

To stray…too far to hear,

You whisper in my ear.  Now my fear is casting doubt

About your love.  Hearing lies to define my worth in your eyes.

Doubting my first love was true, forgetting it was you, 

Jesus…it is you.

I feel my shame, repenting, my tears fall, and I hear you call,

Yet I’m so very far away. 

Your grace invites me into your space, and ,

You lift me up to find mercy in your gaze.

Love, forgiveness, redemption…unspoken.

Your hand caresses my face and you smile.

My first love…you loved me first.

And took away my shame.

When you whisper in my ear,

 I hear you say my name.



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