Life after Friday

“Thank God it’s “Friday.”” I heard a parent say as she dropped off her bundle of joy. It’s Thursday, and I am closed tomorrow for a 4 day weekend. The same parent will joke on Tuesday, after Memorial Day, asking, “Is it Friday yet?”

We need a vacation from our vacation.

It seems like we live for one day.  I hear people ask what plans I have for the long weekend as if the weekend needs to be filled with activity and I need a reason to close my daycare.  Most of the time my Saturday is filled with errands and mundane things like laundry and cleaning up the mess their child made.

This weekend, I am hauling out summer stuff from my shed to get ready for 9 kids in daycare when school is out on June 12th. Or at least I tell myself that. More often than not I overestimate my energy and underestimate the task. Some weekends I stay in my jammies. Instead of a To-Do list, I have a Things-I-Hope-to-do-before-I-die-list. Not as grand as a Bucket list, more like a good intentions list. Having a list of things to do, or not,  gives me the illusion of productive activity. It’s my hamster wheel.

For some people though, Friday is filled with dread as they leave work to face the weekend exhausted as if all their energy and joy were consumed at work and Saturday finds them empty. Or worse, they leave the refuge of work to face abuse at home.

I have been there, done that.

I have gone home on Friday to sit in the driveway for a moment, fearing what mood my husband will be in. I have been in that place where it takes all my energy to make it through Friday so I can spend two days recovering because it took so much energy to hold up my mask so that the world won’t suspect that I’m broken.  Only to find myself hoping that the coffee I drink on Monday really will revive me as I start the cycle over.

Wash Rinse Repeat.

This is not living. It’s existing.

For those who face the weekend empty, exhausted or with dread, I pray that the Lord Jesus will fill your heart, give you strength, and be your peace.

In Jesus, there is Life after Friday.






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