Circle the wagons again

In this time of uncertainty for so many in the world, I wanted to share a post from 2018 in the hopes that it will give you hope. Yes, we are faced with unprecedented events. But, in the past month, I have heard more than the death toll. I have heard and seen on social media thousands of people helping each other, and showing the world that we can rise above our own struggles and encourage one another. I hope that this post will encourage you today.

Do you ever feel like you need to “circle the wagons”? I heard my friend say that when she was facing something that would impact her whole family.  Usually, things dealing with money and the need to gather the family together and have a plan to face a difficult season ahead.

I said that to my boys when finances were tight and we needed to tighten our belts, to dig in our heels, to unite as a family and face a difficult season. In other words, we circled the wagons. We came together and helped one another. It was me, my two sons and God with the faith to know we will make it through. We found peace and hope in the center of the storm.

When I picture a group of wagons traveling in the old west getting in a circle to be safe from attacks, they would create a wall of wagons around the whole group. It reminds me that God is in the center of the circle.

I love that God created hurricanes and tornados with an eye in the middle. In the eye of the storm is unnatural calm and a peace that is surreal. I think it’s a way for God to remind us that when we need the peace that passes all understanding, we are often in a storm of life.

In October 2001, I was suddenly a single mother abandoned by my husband with a 2 yr old and a 5 yr old. Not wanting to cry in front of them I would often “go to the bathroom” and was able to lock the door for 5 blessed minutes to pour my heart out to God in my silent tears.

God met me in the bathroom.  He took that humble place and turned it into a space of grace.  He didn’t care if it wasn’t perfectly clean. He knew I had two directionally challenged boys that used that bathroom. He knew that above the toys in the tub was a boy dirt soap ring that I never got around to scrubbing. He could see my mirror and the sink was messy with toothpaste spots.

He didn’t care. He came to me anyway. Messed up makeup and smudged mascara.

I would lean against that door, hearing Spongebob in the living room, and muffle my crying in the wrinkled towel.  I started to call these precious meetings “Having a Mary Moment in a Martha World.” Jesus would calm my heart and somehow keep my eyes from being puffy.  I washed up and looked in the mirror as if to encourage the person looking back at me. I would stand tall and once again be able to leave and fight the good fight.

God can turn your humble place into a space of grace. Find the center of the storm. Circle your wagons.

May you find a Mary moment in a Martha World.








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