When visions collide

Have you seen the latest dream or vision on YouTube? Have you heard conflicting reports of what God is saying to the world?

One prophesy I watched said that the Lord said to “brace for impact” of a tsunami of revival that will sweep over the whole Earth, and the lies and deceptions of wickedness will be exposed. Also the admonition to keep watch on the horizon. And How God will bring a time of restoration and blessing. How the Holy Spirit will be poured out on the whole world like never before.

On the other hand, we have people sharing dreams of violence and a time of trouble greater than ever. We hear of economic collapse, dreams of fires, and cities burning. visions of evil deception that will hurt America.

Both messages used the word “Brace” To brace ourselves. To brace for impact. Something big is coming in October, November, and December. Something BIG. Is this big thing on the horizon good or bad?

What if it’s both?

I love to hear prophetic words that are full of hope and shed light on my own hunger for the Lord to move.  But in 2022 we have heard both words of peace and words of war. It is easy to pick sides and declare the other side a false prophet.

I think both are from the Lord. I think the believer in Christ, the church in America, is in between the big thing and, well, the big thing.

I have heard for the church to pray for our nation, a call to pray like never before.

Many of the things a person shares that they have seen are fearful like the white house on fire, or bombs and destruction. Is the Lord showing us the “gates” of hell?  It means the strategic plans and council of war. The war room was in the walls of a city next to the gate. Jesus said that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church. The plans of our enemy will not prevail.

When someone shares a dream, it is not necessarily what will happen, but the blueprint of what hell wants to happen. And we know what the plans are. We have been shown by dreams and visions what we are to pray against and intercede for. We have a spy in the enemy’s strategic war room. The Holy Spirit is showing us what the enemy is planning for America. We see it daily on the news. We must stand up against what hell wants and not go around saying that the evil plans of hell are what God is going to do.

There are two scriptures that have been going through my mind and I have started to use them in my prayers again.

Psalms 144:1 Blessed be the Lord my strength, who teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight.

Hebrew 12:12 “Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees;”

I need to learn what spiritual warfare is and that the Lord will teach me to use the weapons of our warfare that are mighty to pull down strongholds of deception in our church and government. I pray, “teach my hands to war Lord. Expose the lies of the enemy. Show me the strategy of the council of hell.”

I need to lift my hands that have been resting at my side or holding my phone to waste hours, or busy doing things of no eternal value.

I need to lift up holy hands unto the Lord in worship. Lifting our hands is a position of surrender and vulnerability. It is also a position of power in the spirit. Israel prevailed when Moses lifted his hands and began to lose when he was weary and lowered his arms.

And strengthen feeble knees. I have weak wimpy knees. They hurt when I kneel for more than a moment. I pray that the Lord will give me the strength to kneel in prayer longer each day.

When you hear conflicting prophetic words take time to pray for understanding. Ask if the words are in line with the bible. Ask the Lord if the words of judgment and destruction are the plans of the enemy that need to be prayed against or a warning of what may happen if we don’t turn to the Lord.  Ask if the words of peace are giving you a false sense of security.

If a tsunami of revival is coming I will lift my arms and brace for impact. If dark clouds are on the horizon, I will lift my hands and brace myself in prayer against the gates of hell. We are not called to walk in fear, but we are called to repent, pray and intercede.

May the Lord God teach our hands to war, and may our hands be lifted in worship and be strengthened to pull down strongholds in the mighty name of Jesus. And may our knees be strong to linger longer before the throne of mercy and grace as we pray for what is on the horizon.

Pray Church, Pray.



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