“I’m not a zombie!”

“Never mistake tiredness for discouragement. Sometimes you’re just tired.” Those wise words were spoken way back in 1981 when I was a freshman starting at Trinity Bible Institute. Now it’s Trinity Bible College. I still remember Mom Garrison telling all of us in the choir to go get some rest.

“But I’m not sleepy,” I said with a yawn. “okay, perhaps a short nap will be ok.” That was the start of my love of napping. I’m yawning as I type. Like a child, we often deny what we don’t want to accept as true as if the denial will change reality. How often do I misdiagnose a situation like telling myself in college that I was discouraged when in reality I was weary. I was drawing a conclusion based on false information.

When my nephew was two he was sneaking out of his room with his eyes covered as if no one could see him because he couldn’t see them.  My brother sat in the living room watching his son being so careful to keep his eyes down so he wouldn’t see his dad. As parents, we can laugh at a toddler for thinking he was unseen as he covered his own eyes when we know how wrong his little mind was in coming to his conclusions.

But, we humans do the same thing with God.  Many think that if they deny His existence then He will cease to exist. Or some people believe He is real but they deny his moral rule thinking we can live like the devil with no consequence.  The Bible says that the fool will say there is no God. And also, to those who only say they “believe” the Bible says ‘You say you believe? you do well, even the demons believe AND tremble.’

Those who only say they believe are one step under the demons who also tremble. Yet if asked where they think they will go after death, they will all say “heaven” Yet, those same people will say that all demons will go to hell. Talk about being in denial.

The Bible tells us that before Adam and Eve sinned God told them in the day they sinned they would die. But they didn’t die on that day. Or did they? The Bible tells us that the Lord said the soul that sins will die. On the day that Adam and Eve sinned their soul died. Mankind found itself in a dilemma. We had a living body and mind, but a soul that is dead to the living God. A real zombie situation.

What’s a zombie to do? Do I deny my spiritual death and say “I’m not a zombie!” and think that my declaration is enough to give my dead soul life? How can a dead soul come to the living God who also happens to be Holy? Hmm, now I have two dilemmas. I am dead to the Living God and I am guilty of wickedness, of sin.

Thankfully, God passionately loves zombies. He has mercy on those dead in sin. But how does the love of God and the Mercy of God give the zombie life? It doesn’t. Now, don’t get all uptight. His love and Mercy and Grace provided a way for the zombie to come alive. Only one way. One cure. One name.


The Bible says that life is in the blood. When Adam and Eve were taken from Eden God killed an animal and made clothes for them to cover their nakedness. But that is not all. God had to teach Adam that blood must come between those who are dead in sin and the living God. Blood must cover our death, it must cover our dead soul. God instituted sacrifice. But the blood of animals can’t make the soul alive.

The Lord does not heal death. He conquers it.

Jesus said he is the way, the truth, and the life. The truth that so many try to deny is the way to life. Jesus. His blood does not cover death, it does not cover our dead soul. His blood gives the zombie life. My soul is alive in Christ.

There are only two souls that stand before God. Those who are dead in sin and those who are alive in Christ.  There are no zombies in heaven.





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